O2 Ends the 4G Monopoly

Posted by John East on the 13th September 2013 | Topics: News

O2 joining EE with a 4G service available to domestic customers signals the end of a monopolised marketplace for the high speed service.

The most affordable way to access one of its 4G deals will be via a SIM only tariff starting at a monthly price of £26.O2

The August 29th launch initiated a rollout that starts in London, Leeds and Bradford. Before the end of the year this expansion will continue to cover a total of ten cities.

It may not sound like a lot, but O2's 4G coverage will hit some of the UK's most populated areas, including Birmingham, Sheffield and Edinburgh.

SIM only deals starting at £26 may sound like a steep asking price for 4G access, but this seems to be par for the course for the new networking standard, with EE being criticised for using similarly expensive tariffs to attract early adopters.

The 4G rollout has been a costly process for providers and is ongoing, so it is understandable that package prices are a little higher than might usually be acceptable.

If you are planning to bundle in a 4G-ready smartphone then the price will rise even higher, so SIM only is probably the best route for the money-conscious consumer.

The problem with O2's 4G coverage is that it is harnessing the 800MHz band of the network spectrum, which is not currently compatible with Apple's iPhone range. This means that owners of the device will not be able to get online at superfast speeds.

Of course iPhone owners can always jump ship to EE's platform, which does support this device, by investing in one of its SIM only 4G deals.