Vodafone Joins 4G Party With SIM Only Offers

Posted by Gill Sanders on the 27th September 2013 | Topics: News

Vodafone has become the third UK network provider to offer 4G network connectivity and a range of SIM only deals supporting this standard.

VodafoneIt joins O2 in launching 4G in a select number of locations across the country, with further coverage expansions set to take place over the next few months so that more people can take advantage of this type of solution.

The basic SIM only deal with 4G connectivity from Vodafone will cost £26 a month and require a 12 month commitment, with 2GB of data usage available every 30 days.

A healthier 4GB data allocation will be available on a £31 deal, while 8GB of usage can be had if you are willing to pay £36 and stick with the same tariff for a full year.

The cost of upgrading to 4G is apparent when you factor in a handset, with monthly prices starting from £52.

This means that the cheapest way to experience 4G is to use a SIM only deal rather than adopting a package that includes a compatible smartphone.

There are a growing number of 4G-ready devices available to buy and as with many offers, it is more cost effective to go the SIM only route.

Hopefully, there will be more opportunity to make savings once the 4G market is up and running with competition helping to drive down monthly costs.

Some users might also prefer to get a rolling monthly contract so that they can experiment with 4G and see if it offers them benefits which are worth taking up on a more permanent basis.

EE, O2 and Vodafone will be joined by Three in offering 4G before the end of the year, so keep an eye out for new SIM only deals emerging soon.