Three Launches 4G Network and SIM Only Deals

Posted by John East on the 30th January 2014 | Topics: News

Network provider Three has become the final player in the UK's mobile market to make 4G coverage available to customers, although it has done so with relatively little fanfare.

Three 4GA million of its current customers are going to get switched over to 4G without a price hike by next March, according to The Register, with the use of upgrades and SIM only offers helping to achieve this.

This is good news for those who were concerned about just how much it would cost to start using 4G, which in earlier forms on other networks, has required a premium investment in a costlier pay monthly package.

Three's initial 4G rollout will cover Manchester, Birmingham and London, with Reading also getting coverage later this month. It is counting these areas as part of a public trial, rather than a full launch, so anyone can upgrade if they wish and more marketing money will be pumped into it once the network is confident in its infrastructure.

Anyone who has an existing Three SIM only or contract deal will be pleased to hear that the company is also launching a new scheme, in conjunction with US providers, AT&T and T-Mobile, to let Brits roam abroad in the States without being charged.

Roaming costs can be extortionate, although the EU is cracking down on overzealous operators milking customers when they just pop across the Channel. Heading to America and expecting to use your phone's voice calls, texts or data connection has been even more expensive, but with Three's agreement, this will all change.

After adding 300,000 new customers in the last three months, this comparatively small provider is clearly building up momentum and its 4G and roaming offers could add to its user base in the next year.