Thomas Cook Customers Get Sim Cards to Reduce Roaming Charges

Posted by John East on the 3rd October 2013 | Topics: News

The UK may have experienced one of its sunniest summers for years, but millions of Brits have jetted off to foreign lands over the summer, to spend some time away from their usual haunts.

Using a mobile phone overseas can be costly, even with dedicated roaming packages and the regulatory changes forcing network providers to charge less for calls, texts and data.

One way around this was thought up by travel agent, Thomas Cook, which this year began offering customers the chance to get a free SIM only deal to take advantage of, while out of the country on their holiday.

Thomas Cook joined forces with SIM only provider, Toggle Mobile, enabling them to make and receive calls as well as send and receive text messages, without paying through the nose.

The SIM cards in question operate on a pay as you go basis and come with £2.50 of credit included. Customers can add more when they are on holiday, which gives them the ability to take control over what they are spending.

Thomas Cook has not only made free SIM cards available to its customers to help them save cash, but also to promote its various services which are available to holidaymakers, according to the Travel Industry Digest.

Thomas Cook holiday reps can be contacted by phone or email while a customer is actually on holiday, and if they have a cheap way of doing this, then they can get answers to any queries quickly and without having to track down the member of staff in person.

It will be interesting to see if other travel agents follow suit. Offering SIM only deals to customers might be a good way of ensuring their long term relevance, in a market that has moved towards online booking.