Online Error Sees T-Mobile Give Away SIM Only Deals

Posted by John East on the 11th December 2013 | Topics: News

Digital Spy reports that an issue with T-Mobile's online store last month meant that a number of customers were able to secure a 12 month SIM only contract free of charge, with the standard £8 monthly payment discounted to zero, as a result of a glitch.

T-MobileThe deal includes 250 anytime, any network voice minutes, 500 texts and half a gigabyte of data usage, which is a decent allocation for many users, and its full price is also competitive.

With an annual value of £96, users of an offers website were alerted to the glitch and many headed over to get their slice of the action.

These kinds of errors occur surprisingly frequently, and usually the company that makes them will send out an apology to the affected customers, retracting the deals in the process.

However, T-Mobile has actually gone ahead and allowed those who got the deal for free to keep their SIM cards and will be honouring all of those contracts which were secured before the glitch was amended.

Of course, this will technically cost T-Mobile and its owner, EE quite a bit of money, but on the other hand it has also been able to generate plenty of positive coverage as a result of its decision to stick by the error.

A particularly cynical observer might even suggest that the glitch was not really a mistake at all, but a marketing plot to get T-Mobile in the headlines in the run-up to Christmas without having to pay for any advertising space.

Either way, a few lucky consumers were able to get SIM only deals free of charge and will enjoy a full year's worth of calls, text and data usage without having to pay a penny for the privilege.

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